Y-You Can Live A Better Life

It is arguable that we live in a patriarchal and hierarchical society hence, we believe men cannot cannot be victims. Painfully, there are several cases where men have been defeated by their own vulnerabilities.

It is a common misconception that men are meant to go through tough moments alone without getting scared. As a man, society believes and forces you to be strong. Men are not allowed to cry, express their feelings, be vulnerable, or show weakness during difficult moments. When men are going through tough moments, we say “man up”.

There will be difficult moments in the journey of life, moments when you feel like giving up because you literally can not take it anymore, moments when you are trying to be better, be it relationships, family, work, or any other aspect but it just seems insurmountable-it’s not. The road to achieving your goals could get very rough sometimes, some more often than others but the truth is you don’t have to go through these moments alone, it is okay to have someone to talk to. It does not mean you are weak, you don’t always have to be strong.

Some men may even have very unhealthy & traumatizing childhood experiences and they don’t want their kids to go through that. You want to be better and give them a better childhood than you had. Some have been scarred from previous toxic relationships, illness or other life experiences, some have financial difficulties but we leave them to carry the burden alone.

Now, you shouldn't have to. You want to heal and you want to be better. We hear you and we understand YOU.

Living a Happy and Fulfilled Life

What is your definition of a happy and fulfilled life? Are you living a healthy and successful life as a man? By what metrics do you measure it? Job status, relationship, family, wealth, impact you are having on other people’s lives or others? Take some time to think about these questions as they will provide you with a better understanding of what a healthy and fulfilled life entails.

There is no manual on how to shape your perspective of life. However, regardless of your perspective, a happy and fulfilled life is one with which you are happy & content with your current reality and growth.

In reality, it is fine to measure success by whatever metrics as you deem fit. Be it job status, relationships, health, financial status, societal impact, or popularity, there should be a constant metric which is happiness. You may have the biggest yacht, a great relationship, awesome job, perfect health status, or even your own private island but still not feel that sense of fulfillment.

Your happiness is what you define it to be.

In society, our men are left to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. It gets overwhelming and even lonely sometimes. Our men take care of us but who looks after our men? We understand you, we hear your silent cries, we believe men can live better lives and we want to help.

Mighty Men Mentoring was founded for the sole purpose of helping men achieve a happy and fulfilled living. We encourage and enable men to live better lives, reach and sustain long-term personal and professional success. We are with men on this journey that enables men to heal and shift from scarcity to abundance, from dissatisfaction to fulfillment, from stagnation to unlocking their full potential.

We want to help men on the journey of achieving a fulfilled and happy life. Are you ready to take the next step? Click here to take a quick survey that will help us have a tailored insight of you. You can also find us here as we remain committed to helping you live your best life.

You are not alone, Mighty Men Mentoring is with you all the way.

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