Why Mentoring Is Important In Leadership?

There are many different forms of leadership and leadership styles, ranging from authoritarian to democratic. Over time the idea of leadership has evolved from a strictly ‘do as I say’ model. Research from a 2020 Harvard Business Review article showed that compassion is imperative to leadership. When combined with wisdom and effectiveness, compassion “improves collaboration, raises levels of trust, and enhances loyalty.” By receiving mentoring, leaders can hone their leadership style and even adapt it to best pair with different employees needs.

When mentoring is introduced into the workplace, a top-down approach is a successful strategy. By initially introducing mentoring to the leaders in a company they can set an example for everyone else. This can create a chain reaction of positive and productive behaviour throughout the workplace. A study by the Centre for Workplace Leadership in 2016 found that 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programmes. This is “because investing in leadership capability pays off in performance, productivity and innovation.” Having mental health advocates in a position of power can foster a mental health forward approach which can then be incorporated into the company’s infrastructure. This culture will create happier, healthier, and therefore more productive employees.

For CEO’s in formal mentoring programs (Harvard Business Review 2015):

  • 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes

  • 84% become proficient in their roles faster

  • 69% were making better decisions

Leaders who receive mentoring may be able to see traits that need to be developed in those under their leadership. This enables helpful communication, which is key to resolution and growth. There will also be things that leaders don’t know or don’t know how to convey, which is where mentoring for leaders comes in. Mentoring covers many aspects of a person’s life including relationships, finances, and work. By covering these your overall mental wellbeing can be improved, which in turn helps you be in a better headspace to cover the rest. For anyone dubious about learning as a leader, Anton Chekhov wrote, “wisdom… comes not from age, but from education and learning,” and following the Harvard Business Review’s findings, wisdom is key to being a good leader. Leadership and mentoring go hand in hand and can be passed down to better everyone’s experience. Mighty Men Mentoring has both individual and corporate mentoring courses that will cover everything you need to succeed. Mighty Men Mentoring are here to listen and help you grow in whatever way you need. Check out our corporate page, courses, or book a free discovery call here.

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