When is Men’s Mental Health Month?

Good news guys, you’re in it! November is men’s health month, originated in 2003 by the Movember Foundation. It’s the month where men show solidarity by raising awareness for men’s health issues by growing a moustache, hence ‘Movember’. The issues being supported range from prostate cancer to men’s suicide, the later being the biggest killer of men under 50.

The aim of men’s health month is to raise awareness of health and mental health issues. This is to encourage men, that may be reluctant or unwilling, to go get themselves checked out for things that may be bothering them. The Movember Foundation says, ‘your moustache turns you into a walking, talking billboard for men’s health.’ It’s a symbol of support, community and also a great way to raise funds for the cause.

The Movember website offers links to a wide range of places and websites for support, for whatever you may be going through. If you’re not ready to have a conversation with other Movember supporters, these access points are a great way to maintain your anonymity while gaining the help you may need.

It is great to have an entire month dedicated to men’s health. It’s also good to remember that men’s health is all year round, every year. You can look for support at any time, Mighty Men Mentoring is at your disposal and ready to listen. There’s an entire community already here waiting for you!

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