What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man

How Mighty Men Mentoring can help guide you in your relationships, career, personal growth, and help you on your path to becoming a Mighty Man.

Ever heard of Mighty Men Mentoring?

We help men build healthier relationships, accomplish spiritual growth and navigate their lives on a journey of self-discovery.

Have you ever delved deeper into what it means to be mentored?

Now that’s a fascinating first for me.

To be a good (mighty) man is to put your best foot forward to the world through showing compassion for others and, according to the author, award-winning international speaker, and certified ‘Man Builder’ Dr. Joe Martin,

Man’s greatest challenge is deciding every day the type of man he’s going to be.

Qualities and Characteristics of what it means to be a Mighty Good Man

Far more than solely epitomizing the ‘family man’ archetype, a Mighty Good Man:

  • Is loyal to his people

  • Is a man of his word

  • Protects his loved ones

  • Treats everyone with respect

  • Takes responsibility for himself and his actions

  • Is willing to express his emotions

  • Doesn’t believe in or hold onto stereotypes


Anyone on the receiving end of Mighty Good Man greatness can attest to the remedial facets of its significance and here are 15 reasons why.

There’s Hope for Us Yet

Never mind a slice! In August 2014, late award-winning actor, comedian and philanthropic phenomenon Robin Williams left us with a whole freshly baked serving of ‘humble pie’ by ingraining in us the true value of doing good for the greater good. Robin Williams’ legacy truly puts the ‘human’ in huMANinty.

For decades, the power of influence has proven pivotal in enlightening the human race on the importance of being good and here are a few exemplary Mighty Good Male role models whose books we can all afford to take a page out of:

Nelson Mandela

Tom Hardy

Will Smith

Matthew McCounaghey

Much like Oscar winning actor Matthew McCounaghey’s take on the value of channeling your own ability to explore your capacity for kindness and openly express your proclivity to relish in the wins of others, I believe that a Mighty Good Man fully embodies an innate level of selflessness that far supersedes merely modelling expected measures of maturity amongst men. A Mighty Good Man nurtures his natural inclination to bathe in a fountain of humanity’s essence by manifesting to the world the good energy he receives in return.