Signs of depression in men and men's depression

It's easy to imagine that women are more likely to struggle with mental health and addiction issues, but men experience these problems just as often—they just tend to face greater stigma about admitting it. While men and women both face the same kinds of challenges in life, there are some differences in how they cope and how those coping strategies can turn into problems.

One way men might handle their struggles differently is through substance use. While women are more likely to develop depression or anxiety, men are more likely to use drugs or alcohol as a coping strategy. Men who struggle with substance use may not recognize they need help because they think of their drinking or drug use as something other than a problem. That's why it's so important for male partners, family members, and friends to look out for signs of substance abuse and encourage their loved ones to seek help when needed.

Men also tend to internalize their emotions more than women do, which can lead them to develop anxiety or depression without realizing what's going on. When men withdraw from their loved ones instead of reaching out for support, it can be hard for them to get the help they need until things have gotten unbearable.

One way you can support a man in your life who seems down or withdrawn is by encouraging him to talk about his emotions or find a company like ours at mighty men mentoring that helps.

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