Mental Health Awarness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is a 21-year-old annual event in the United Kingdom organised by the Mental Health Foundation. The goal of this week-long event was to raise awareness, promote good mental health, and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Over the years, mental health awareness week has focused on a variety of topics, including nature and mental health, kindness, and body image.

The theme for this year is loneliness. Many people in the UK and around the world suffer from loneliness, and the number has only grown since the pandemic, also known as the loneliness epidemic. Many things were highlighted by the pandemic, one of which was that people require a different quality of relationship than we saw during the pandemic, when we were forced to shift to online interactions.

Did you feel lonely over lockdown?

Why not talk to your children, your family, your friends, your students and your colleagues today and ask them how they are feeling.

Their responses may surprise you.

During the pandemic, the entire world was forced online, and despite the increased social activity, many people felt even more isolated. Research shows that relationship quality is important and the people who lived alone, away from family and friends, or even in a different country lacked the physical meaningful relationships that everyone needs to feel fulfilled. That is why we are spending this week reconnecting, enriching, and re-engaging with one another.

So, if this has reminded you that it is Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be sharing some tips and tools that you can do with the people you care about to raise awareness and tackle feelings of loneliness.

We'll also tell you a little bit about ourselves and our mission to support and mentor the men in our lives.

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Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Al Elgasim

Mighty Men Mentoring

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