Happiness: A Road Less Travelled

Get on route with some men on their highway to happiness with Mighty Men Mentoring.

We’re all familiar with the term, but what does happiness mean to you on an individual level?

  • Good fortune?

  • Pleasure?

  • Contentment?

  • Joy?

By now you’ve most likely enveloped yourself in the sheer euphoria of happiness and the overwhelming nature of this raw human emotion on countless occasions under a myriad of circumstances in your personal life. But how does one obtain and maintain it? How is it measured in men? What makes happiness an essential guiding tool on your roadmap to living a self-actualized and fulfilled life driven by an unwavering authentically manifested desire to seize each waking day?

Mighty Men Mentoring has the answers.

For its fourth year in a row, research data from the 2021 World Happiness Report has cited Finland as maintaining the world’s highest happiness rankings, with Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and the Netherlands completing the list of top 5 happiest countries on the globe.

Why Measuring Global Happiness Matters

The 2021 World Happiness Report also focuses on the effects of COVID-19 and how people have been coping from the onset of the pandemic.

“This year’s report faced a unique challenge in trying to understand what effect the pandemic has had on subjective well-being and vice versa. Of all the factors usually supporting happiness, the most important for explaining COVID-19 death rates were people’s trust in each other, and confidence in their governments.” – www.dayohappiness.net

Surprisingly, there were no findings on the global decline in self-reported wellbeing, however, some countries including the UK opposed that trend. Mental healthhas been one of the casualties both of the pandemic and of the resulting lockdowns. When the pandemic struck, there was a large and immediate decline in mental health in many countries around the world. For instance, in the UK, a general measure of mental health was 7.7% lower in May 2020 than predicted in the absence of the pandemic, and the number of reported mental health problems was 47% higher.

Job Satisfaction & Happiness: A Match Made In Workforce Wonderland

After surveying 5,000 male respondents aged between 18-95 in a 2018 study titled ‘The Harry’s Masculinity Report’, research findings established that men who have high levels of job satisfaction have the highest reported levels of happiness. The study provided indisputable evidence that men derive the most joy from life in their professional endeavors.

Nevertheless, happiness in men surely can’t be primarily surmised by one’s workplace wellbeing, and here are ‘21 Ways That Men Practise Happiness’ to substantiate this notion.

As a man myself, I personally define happiness as an intoxicating ‘feel-good’ energy of sheer joy and natural upliftment. Happiness to me means nothing more than celebrating life’s wins and revering in the mirrored joy of others in my eyes – merely painting the clouds with sunshine.

All Men Can Attain Happiness & So Can You

With happiness firmly positioned as one of the fundamental pillars of the Mighty Men Mentoring scheme, our dedicated team is here to help you on your journey to growth and sustained self-satisfaction.

Take our quick online survey and kickstart your ‘level up’ journey to becoming a new happier you. You owe it to yourselves guys.

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