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The world needs you!!!

The world makes it feel like you need to carry it all on your shoulders

You don’t. 

Mighty Men Mentoring is a mentoring scheme where myself and my team will help you on your journey to growth.


Men you may not feel mighty at all times but it’s time to

Re-engage, Connect, Inspire, Become Healthy and Active,

Self knowledge, Healthy identities, Be authentic And so much more.

6 Week Course

1-1 online mentoring sessions with Rahana Davis

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Group Mentoring

Men Mentoring Group - 3 Month

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Register for more info and also to get weekly tips including

1. What men want to know from women

2. 10 things to say/do to your partner to build a stronger relationship

3. 5 ways to show your partner your listening

4. How to be a better employee


" Men let me mentor you to become the Mighty Man you were supposed to be"

— Rahana Davis 

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1-1 Mentoring

that will transform your life

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