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Business and Employers

Mighty Men Mentoring encourages and enables males to live better lives, reach and sustain long-term personal and professional success. Mentoring is an excellent choice for businesses to support. It takes an empathetic and genuine approach towards goals in the company while delivering key tools. And enables business to have access to a talent pipeline that they have already supported, encouraged and mentored. This is where Mighty Men Mentoring comes in.

Conversation Between Colleagues

Mighty Men Mentoring Provide Mentoring to Males in Education

  • Confidentiality

  • Generous listening

  • Affirmation

  • Challenge

  • Feedback and exposure

  • Networking and insider knowledge

  • Role modelling

  • Confidence and self-worth 

  • Employability skills

  • And much more

Not only will mentoring help males in education learn these abilities, but with your support as a business and employer they will also be learning from experts like yourself

How Mentoring Supports Your Business:

Supporting team members as they deal with significant life changes is an important component of leadership. In order for great people to thrive and feel comfortable combining their responsibilities at home and at work, a manager's responsibility is crucial.

With changes brought about from COVID-19, managers will also have to adapt to working with online teams and flexible schedules to make hybrid work a success.

A few ways to achieve this could be:

·        Open communication between managers throughout the company

·        Sharing strategies

·        Developing practical tools

·        Engaging with team member in honest feedback about what is and isn’t working

All valuable insights, feedback and strategies will allow managers and their teams to create the best output for the business. By managing wellbeing, connection and communication, a company can foster an environment where everyone happily produces their best work, making for the best company. Mighty Men Mentoring is here to help, click through to find out more.

Mentoring is available online or face to face. Bespoke group courses are also available.

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