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Welcome to Mighty Men Mentoring

Empowering Men and their Mental Health through Life Coaching and Mentoring so they can lead a connected and fulfilling life.

Who is looking after our men?

As a man, have you ever felt like it was difficult getting help and support?

Are you someone who feels like there shouldn't be any stigma attached to men and their mental health?

With Mighty Men Mentoring, you will:

  • Work on your Mental Health and Wellbeing.

  • Feel like you're being listened to.

  • Get the support and mentoring you deserve.

  • Find how to build healthy relationships.

  • Move from feeling stuck to finding breakthroughs.

  • Set short and long-term goals to build your ideal life.

  • Discover your Authentic Self.

Visit our Shop to see what program will suit you best: we currently offer 45 or 95 minutes 1:1 online Mentoring sessions, depending on your needs.

No matter your age, your background or your needs, we at Mighty Men Mentoring have the tools to help you.

From people working in the military to the corporate world, whether for boys or men, we're here to guide all of you mighty men.

Meet our Mentor: 

Rahana Diamond Davis is a mentor specialised in men's mental health and wellbeing. 

Like many people, she got to experience first-hand what happens when the men in our lives do not get the support they need and deserve.

She's here to change that.

Men, let us help, coach and mentor you to become the Mighty Men you can be.

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